contextily: context geo tiles in Python

contextily is a small Python 3 package to retrieve tile maps from the internet. It can add those tiles as basemap to matplotlib figures or write tile maps to disk into geospatial raster files. Bounding boxes can be passed in both WGS84 (EPSG:4326) and Spheric Mercator (EPSG:3857). See the notebook contextily_guide.ipynb for usage.

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The current tile providers that are available in contextily are the providers defined in the leaflet-providers package. This includes some popular tile maps, such as:

  • The standard OpenStreetMap map tiles

  • Toner, Terrain and Watercolor map tiles by Stamen Design


  • mercantile

  • numpy

  • matplotlib

  • pillow

  • rasterio

  • requests

  • geopy

  • joblib


Python 3 only

Latest released version:

pip3 install contextily # installs the latest released version (v0.99.0)

Latest release candidate (includes functionality such as add_basemap coming in version 1.0:

pip3 install contextily==1.0rc2 # installs the latest release candidate (v1.0rc2)